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Our weekly tutorials get you straight to the point in each of your classes. 
We streamline your studying so you can spend less time on school and more time on the things that make school great.
So if you want to cut your study time in half, always have someone to ask questions to AND start preparing for exams from week 1 - we've got you.

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What do you get?

So other than the feeling of knowing what you need to know and also knowing what you don't need to know...let me give you the run down.

Insider Knowledge: This is really the most critical part of the weekly tutorials. We tell you what the keystone information is so you can prioritize what you focus on. There is no point studying topics that won't be on the exam or learning formulas you won't need. 

On-demand Key Lessons: Each week get the boiled down, how to video walkthrough delivered to your inbox and portal. This will be the best spent hour of your week and you can choose when and where to learn your classes. Covid might be over for your profs, but we know the value of having the video lesson to go back to. 

Weekly Active Learning Session: Call this a practice session, a tutoring lesson or whatever you want, but join us weekly to work through practice problems - we mean you working through the problems so you really "get it" with us there to help you. 

Get our summary notes: We boil each week down into 6 pages of what you need to know with examples. No need to stress about hundreds of slides and endless textbook chapters. 

Group chat: Have a question but can't make it to one of the live sessions? No problem - drop it in the group chat. You get to see what others are working on and the questions they ask. You get to test yourself by trying to answer other people's questions. But best of all, you don't spend days stuck on the same thing.

Exam Review: Early access to our coveted exam review sessions! Plus, because you have been staying on track, the review session is an actual review and not a "learn everything for the first time in a few hours" session. 

Mock exams: The MOST under utilized tool we provide you with. This is the way to test yourself and prepare yourself for the real deal.

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Comm 121 - Finance
Comm 163 - BDM
Comm 341 - Operations

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