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We provide private instruction to help commerce students reach their full academic potential. Our one-on-one tutoring, weekly tutorials and highly acclaimed review sessions have helped thousands of Queen’s commerce students improve their grades.

Calculus - Statistics - Accounting - Finance - Economics - Business Decision Modeling 

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Work one-on-one or in a group of your choosing. Our tutors have extensive experience and know your course inside-out. Come prepared with questions for your tutor to answer!

Weekly Tutorials

Let Doulton guide you week-by-week through your course. Our popular weekly tutorials include summary notes, clear instruction and practice problems to prepare you for your assignments and exams.

Exam Review

Our review sessions teach you what you need to know for your exam! Your course booklet includes lessons, summary notes and key practice questions. The proceeds of review sessions support ALS research in Canada.

100% Queen's Commerce

A lot of companies claim to personalize their materials for your course but just pull from a bank of problems they use at every school across Canada. All we do is support Queen's Commerce students. Doulton uses her 10 years of experience as a tutor and TA to bring you exactly what you need to know. 


Our services have been used over 22,000 times

Since 2011 Doulton has been offering academic support for Commerce students. 99% of students who use our services would recommend to a friend.

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Register for our upcoming information session to learn more about available options, how to support your first-year student and get Doulton's advice on how to excel in first year.


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