Want to ace your midterms?

 We will show you everything you need to know for your exam, give you the practice you need to make sure you understand the material and support you as you prepare for exams!

Studying does not need to be an overwhelming process. 

You can be in control of your classes in just a few hours. 


You Can Get an A on Your MIdterm

  • Get everything you need to know for the exam, summarized into a few key pages!
  • Learn how to identify the different problem types so you don't panic on the exam.
  • Practice your exam skills with mock exams that test your understanding and your test taking strategies.
  • Learn the common exam tricks and practice them on my mock exams so you are exam ready!

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

I can't be there when you write your exam, but I can be there every step of the way as you get ready. 


Give me 3 hours of your time and you will feel in control of this class.

Give me another 4 hours of legit practice and you will ace this exam.

Get the #1 Exam Prep for Commerce

Review Session

What you get:

  • On-demand videos that walk through each type of question you may see on your exam. 
  • Summary notes that boil down everything you need to know into a few pages. 
  • Expert explanation of exam style practice problems.

Practice Questions

How many times have you thought you understood something only to realize you have no clue once you look at the homework?  Don't worry - I am here to help. 

  • Not all practice questions are created equal - everything we provide is either to ensure you understand the fundamental concepts or to push you exactly as your exam will 
  • Get detailed solutions or video solutions so you can always check your work 

Mock Exams

Knowing the material is only the beginning. Now you need to practice what it's like to take on that material on your exam. 

  • Get two mock exams (or more) that mimic the style of the real thing
  • Get detailed solutions so you can quickly identify where you went wrong. 
  • Prepare yourself to handle the stress and uncertainty of your exam. 



Q&A Sessions

Midterms are stressful. We are here for you.
Just because we are offering access earlier than normal, doesn't mean we won't be here to support you leading right up until your exam.

All Access Pass Holders have 3 sessions per day to get help. All other first year courses have once per day.

Comm 122 has 3 help sessions. 

This Exam Review  Is For You If...

  • You are confused by class (right now) but you are ready to figure this out
  • You aren’t sure what to do when you look at a practice problem (right now)
  • You want to have a clear study plan for your midterm

I'm Doulton Wiltshire

After graduating with my BComm a million years ago, I started tutoring. For the last 10 years I have worked with over 3000 commerce students.
I LOVE commerce students. We are bright and kind (even when we are super stressed).

I promise you that no class is as difficult as it seems!  These concepts aren't bad, they just need to be broken down well.


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First-Year Bundle


Get Accounting + Statistics + Economics  Midterm Review

Twice daily help sessions


Just the Accounting Midterm Review


Entire Course Summarized into 2 pages
Review the course material in 4 hours. 
Knowledge  checks after each unit to ensure you know the material
Mock Exams


Just the Stats Midterm Review


Get the formula flow chart
Review the course material in 4 hours. 
Practical practice questions based on previous midterms
Mock Exams


Just the Econ Midterm Review


Review the course material in 4 hours. 
Practical practice questions based on previous midterms
Practice Questions in line with exactly what you will see on your exam


Just the Finance Midterm Review


Walk through of each chapter with previous (in-person) exam examples

Mock Exams 

3 Q&A Sessions
Email + Chat Help


Just the Operations Midterm Review


Walkthrough of the 4 exam topics:
Little's Law
Capacity Analysis + Batching
Practice Questions
Mock Exam
Help Sessions