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#1 Exam Review for the Queen's Commerce Program

With an average rating of 9.4/10 it is easy to see why Queen's Commerce students have chosen our review sessions over 20,000 times. Each session comes with a review booklet and additional practice questions to get you ready for your exam as efficiently as possible.

Exam Review Sessions become available at midterms and finals.
They are included for any weekly tutorial student.

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What Our Students Say

I just wanted to say thank you for running the COMM162 final exam prep course, I would not have been able to get an A+ in the class without  your review session! 

Cassandra Yacynowych,  Comm 24


Doulton provides an amazing tutoring service through CommAdvantage. Doulton always makes herself available for any questions that students have. Overall an extremely beneficial resource.

Bella Belvedere, Comm 23

Doulton, thank you for the unbelievable COMM 162 exam prep course. I felt like I learned so much and I'm really happy with how my exam went. You are a truly awesome teacher!

Jordan Dacks, Comm 24

Exams are tough

Exams are the #1 stress for 1st and 2nd year Commerce students. There is a lot to cover and never enough time.

I get that! I lived it first hand when I was a Commerce student. It sucks to be up late, trying to understand some vague slides and wondering if this will even be on the exam.

Efficiency is key!

There is simply too much to get done. From working with hundreds of students one-on-one and my time as a teaching assistant I developed the optimal review session. For key courses we dive into what you need to know, practice it exam style and set you up for success on your exam.

Review sessions contain essential summary notes and the practice problems you need to truly understand the course concepts.