Are you ready to get that 4.0+ GPA while still having time for the things you love?

Tutorials unlock your full academic potential.

They keep you on track, help you focus on the high impact practice questions and, generally, be efficient in how you tackle your education. This means less time studying and less stress.

 Being apart of the weekly tutorial means you ALWAYS have somewhere to turn for help.  

✓ Clear and easy to understand breakdown of the material
✓ Time Saving Summary notes
✓ Practice Questions
✓Mock Exams
✓Weekly Q&A session

 Experience how 82% of our tutorial students met or exceeded their academic goals.


What class are you going to ace this term?


Comm 111 - Accounting - Weekly Tutorial
Comm 161 - Calculus- Weekly Tutorial
Comm 121- Finance I - Weekly Tutorial
Comm 163 - BDM - Weekly Tutorial
Comm 341 - Operations - Weekly Tutorial
Weekly One-on-One Tutoring

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