$660.00 CAD

CommAdvantage Weekly Support for Calculus

On-Demand Video Lessons
Dive into lessons at your convenience. Whether you want to work ahead or revisit topics, our video lessons are available anytime. No more worries about missed classes or weekend trips home. Master course materials in significantly less time.

Summary Notes
Say goodbye to endless slide-scrolling. We’ve distilled everything you need into just 6 clear, concise pages each week. Your ultimate study shortcut.

Weekly Check-In
Stay on course with our weekly check-ins. Refocus, set your goals, and ensure you’re on the path to success.

Curated Practice Problems
Stop sifting through piles of irrelevant problems. Our exercises mirror what you’ll see in assignments and exams, so you’re always practicing with purpose.

3 Practice Sessions per Week
Dive into active learning in any or all of our practice sessions. Note: Times are based on current registrants. Embrace a balanced lifestyle with no evening sessions – learning should be between 8:30-5!

Group Chat
Never feel isolated in your studies. Our subject-based WhatsApp group offers you a platform to pose questions, learn from peers, and gauge common concerns. A lifeline to experts and fellow students alike.

Four 1:1 Progress Sessions
Tailor these sessions to your unique needs, whether it's strategizing study for midterms or clarifying doubts. Enjoy personalized guidance coupled with the vast benefits of our comprehensive program.

Grading and Feedback on Live Mock Exam
Understand where you stand with in-depth feedback on your mock exam. Turn insights into success.