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Comm 161 - Midterm Review

Core Components:
🎥 On-Demand Video Review

Review every key practice question in my four module review!

📚 Expertly Curated Practice Questions
You need to practice, but not just any practice. Dive into a reservoir exam style questions designed to sharpen your skills and prep you for any curveball the exam throws.

📝 Mock Exams x2
Experience the exam before the actual exam. Writing an exam is about more than just knowing your stuff! Use these two meticulously crafted tests to gauge your readiness and solidify your strategy.

In-depth Review Modules:

🔍 Module 1: One-Solution Systems Mastery
You are guaranteed at least one completely solvable question on your exam. The problem is that it is usually tricky to set up (Voter problem anyone???). We will go over the set up of each type of problem and how to format your solution for maximum marks.

🚦 Module 2: Multi-Solution Word Problems
One of your exam problems will not solve - that means a parametrized solution (don't know what that means? Don't worry - I've got you). 

🔧 Module 3: Solving with Matrix Inversion  

Solving a system with the inverse is a classic exam question. We will go through how to get this one perfect.

🔐 Module 4: The Input-Output Model
You need to know both the technical and theoretical intricacies of the input-output model. Don't leave marks on the table because you didn't understand how to interpret the subtleties in the solutions.


Essential Skills
For those keen to reinforce their foundation or catch up. A crash course to bridge the gaps on row reduction, matrix multiplication, and matrix inversion.

🔢 Calculator Tactics
Maximize your calculator's potential with strategies for solving systems of equations and inverse matrices. Learn how to use this to maximize your grade on your exam.

🎯 Derivative Rules
While derivatives will not be on your exam - let me get you ready for them anyways!

The Comm 161 Edge:

💼 Proven Expertise This review isn't just another study guide; it's a result of years of expertise, tailored for Comm 161 success.

⚙️ Precision & Efficiency Every module, every question has been optimized for efficiency. Study smart, not hard.

Upgrade Your Exam Strategy

Dive into the Comm 161 review that changes the game.