$600.00 CAD

 Materials are for your use only 

Group sessions are a place of respect and understanding. As a member of our group you will uphold these principals. 

Any sessions conducted over zoom are camera on! 

You can cancel your involvement in this group for a full refund after the first week if it is not a great fit for you. 


Yes, I also would like to enroll in the weekly calculus tutorials for $600. 

Comm 111 - Financial Accounting - Weekly Tutorial

This is a COMPLETE support package! I dove into what my most successful students were doing last year and revamped our whole program. So what are we doing this term:

  • Keeping you on track and minimizing stress and uncertainty throughout the term
  • Making sure you always know what you should be working on for maximum value to your grade
  • Combining teaching + support so you always know where to turn for help

How do we do this:

  • Weekly tutorial to review (or learn) the content and stay on top of your classes
  • Weekly Q&A session where you can drop in for any questions that came up while working on practice questions
  • Practice questions!!
  • Mock exams ($200 value on their own)
  • On-going support - ask questions in our group chat (priceless)
  • Exam Review - yes! I have included the exam review in this package! ($160 value on their own)