$600.00 CAD

 Materials are for your use only 

Group sessions are a place of respect and understanding. As a member of our group you will uphold these principals. 

Any sessions conducted over zoom are camera on! 

You can cancel your involvement in this group for a full refund after the first week if it is not a great fit for you. 


Add the BDM Weekly Tutorial and Save $100

Comm 121 - Finance - Weekly Tutorial

Are you ready to ace finance this semester?!

The Comm 121/221 Weekly Tutorial Package has everything you need to stay on track and ahead of the curve.

So if you want to:

  • Stay on track and minimize your stress this term
  • Make sure you always know what you should be working on to maximize your grade
  • Have support each week to ask questions and ensure you understand the course content 

So what do you get (other than decreasing your stress level and rocking finance):

📚Epic Weekly Tutorial
We boil down 3 hours of lecture and 50+ pages of the textbook into 7 summary pages. Our weekly tutorials are made of gold.

Not only do they make sure you understand your course concepts, they save you so so much time each week.

In our weekly tutorials we don't just go over the content again - we go heavy on the examples and the real practice.

⚙️ Hyper-Targeted Practice Sessions

Each week there is a tutorial and three practice sessions. You can choose to attend 1 session a week or all three!

The magic happens when you show up.

The key to finance is focusing on the right kind of practice. While your prof will tell you to keep doing textbook problems until they make sense, that doesn't work. First off, you don't have time to do 10 hours of questions and second, you want to be practicing questions that look like your quiz and exam questions.

📝 Early Access Exam Review

Get a head start on the study game.

We all know that it's not really about an A on an exam but scoring better than everyone else (ride the curve baby!).

You get early access to the midterm and final review sessions (which are included in your package) so you can finish your studying before others even begin.

✅ TA-Graded Mock Exams

Want to know where you stand? The mock exams you take will be graded by an actual TA. Yep, you'll get legit, actionable feedback to fine-tune your exam strategy.

🧳 But Wait, There's More...

📈 CaseTalks

 Ever wondered how to ace a finance case study? We'll spill the secrets on how to analyze, format, and frame your cases for maximum marks.

💼 FinanceTalks

This four-part series will feature both recent alumni and long-time recruiters to reveal what it really takes to kill it in the finance world. Whether you're finance-curious or a budding investment banker, these candid talks offer raw, no-BS advice you won't get anywhere else.

So are you ready to lower stress, upskill in finance, and position yourself for the career you’ve always wanted? If you're nodding 'yes,' then let's get started. This is how you not only survive in Comm 121 but thrive. . 🎯