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First Year Final Exam Bundle (Comm 162, 172 and 112)

Get EARLY ACCEESS to all 3 Final Exam Prep Sessions

What you'll get:

  • Access to the Comm 162 Session
  • Access to the Comm 112 Session
  • Access to the Comm 172 Session


This includes

  • Video walkthrough of all exam concepts for accounting, stats and econ
  • Exam review notes for all exam concepts for accounting, stats and econ (aka the review booklet)
  • A graph memorization list for econ (the ones you GOTTA KNOW)
  • The accounting 1-page summary where I put everything you need for this exam on a single, quick-reference page
  • The stats summary page with all your key formulas + step-by-step instructions on how to do all the problems
  • My excel calculator that can solve almost any stats question for you which means you can know if you just messed up your calculation somewhere or if you had no idea what you were doing for that question
  • 35 short answer practice questions for accounting to make sure you know what you are doing with full video solutions

    Will be available shortly: 
  • Over 80+ exam style example problems for Comm 162
  • Two mock exams for Comm 112 
  • Two mock exams for Comm 162
  • One mock exam for Comm 172 
  • Additional true/false and MC practice questions for Comm 172
  • Daily tutoring sessions where you can come and work on any example problem or ask any question (you have to register for them)
  • LIVE mock exams for BOTH Comm 112 and Comm 162!