Review Sessions

Over the past 7 years the review sessions provided by CommAdvantage have changed how Commerce students prepare for exams. We help students efficiently prepare for midterm and final exams by providing clear and concise instruction. Our exam prep packages include unparalleled study notes and practice problems to ensure you are well prepared for your exam.

We are happy to offer midterm and final review sessions for Comm 111, Comm 112, Comm 161, Comm 162, Comm 163, Comm 121 and Comm 122. Back again this year is our most sought after session Comm 341!

Our sessions receive outstanding ratings and help support ALS research in Canada and access to low-cost tutoring through Brain Trust.

Each session is taught by Doulton or an experienced member of her team. These sessions will help you understand what you need to know to be successful on your midterms. Our review booklets will take you through exactly what you need to know and leave you with unparalleled extra practice problems. Just ask an upper year how they studied for BDM.