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COMM 163

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COMM 341

Exam Review Sessions

We provide unparalleled midterm and final exam review sessions for most commerce courses. These are taught by our experienced and knowledgeable instructors, and fill up very quickly. They are tailored help you perform during your exam.

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Individual Packages

Private Tutoring

We offer one-on-one tutoring for the majority of first and second year Commerce courses. Students meet with Doulton, or one of our other tutors, to review course material and have their questions answered. Most students set a weekly or twice weekly time slot to ensure they stay on top of their courses.

Availability is limited. We encourage students to seek a tutor as early as possible.

Hourly rates range from $40 to $75, depending on tutor. Small group rates available.

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Weekly Tutorials

We offer weekly tutorials for Comm 121, Comm 163 and Comm 341.

This is a 10 week package (7 weeks for Comm 341), consisting of a regular weekly session. Each 1.5 hour session consists of a review of that week’s material, plus directly applicable practice questions crafted specifically to prepare students for success in the course.

Ideal for those students who are looking to be taught the course material in a direct and accessible way, but who do not feel that they would come to one-on-one tutoring with prepared questions. Summary notes are provided throughout the term.

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Other Services

Please note that these services are provided by Doulton Wiltshire or select others and therefore availability can be limited.

Academic Consultation

  • When facing an issue of academic integrity or exam failure we can walk you through the appropriate steps and advise on the appeal process.
  • Letters of support will only be provided for students we work with regularly and will accurately reflect the efforts of the student.

On Track Meetings

  • We provide twice weekly support for the creation and implementation of study plans with electronic check-ins.
  • This includes the strategic prioritization of tasks to ensure deadlines are met.
  • These meetings are most useful for students who become overwhelmed by the work load of the Queen’s Commerce program.
  • The goal of these meetings is to help the student develop the skills to eventually create their own work plans and check points.

Counselling Support

  • Although counselling support is provided through Queen’s, at times a rapid response or ongoing support is needed.
  • We refer to a Personal Counsellor and Registered Psychotherapist who is very familiar the requirements of Queen’s University. They are able to help students navigate their stress, concerns and mental health needs while succeeding at Queen’s.

Mock Exams

  • For select courses we provide mock exams.
  • A mock exam is written specifically for the student and in close style to the actual exam.
  • Exam writing conditions are simulated to allow students to test both their mastery of the material and their exam writing strategies.
  • A debrief is provided to review the students answers and look for ways to strengthen their responses for the upcoming exam.
  • Strategies for managing time and stress are also reviewed.