About Us

CommAdvantage has been helping commerce students succeed for over 8 years. We work  to tailor our private instruction for each client, and we are consistently adjusting our curriculum and teaching aids to reflect changes in the Queen’s commerce courses. We are happy to provide tutoring and small group instruction to Queen’s, McGill, Brock and Carelton University. Message us today to see if we can help you.



Head Instructor:
Doulton Wiltshire

Doulton founded CommAdvantage, and through a unique teaching methodology has expanded quickly over the past 8 years. She now leads a team of talented instructors who give students private, personalized academic instruction. Doulton is extremely well known in the commerce community, and is the most highly recommended private tutor at Queen’s. Her ability to concisely convey complex concepts, and her broad understanding of the course material, means she provides a truly valuable service to each and every student.

Reviews & Testimonials

Doulton gives the BEST review sessions. Using her tips, insights, and practice problems always resulted in a significantly better exam result. She always breaks down tough problems so that they become easy to follow. Doulton’s excitement and passion for teaching translates into amazing sessions that will guarantee you a better GPA!

– Jessie Shang, BComm 2016

The tutorial was amazing! You made everything very easy to understand!

– Olivia Woods, BComm 2015

Doulton Wiltshire is the epitome of what a University tutor should be. Her ability to teach and ensure her students fully comprehend what she explaining them is the biggest advantage she has over other tutors. Not to mention she is incredibly intelligent and personable. I would strongly recommend her to any student having difficulties in a course or looking to get from the B to the A level. She is the best tutor you can get and I am so ever thankful to have met her and been helped by her. She is the ideal tutor, no questions asked!

– Max Ripper, BComm 2015